Racing in the Cold.

Posted: February 1, 2010 in BMX racing

I hate the cold.  Not dislike, but hate.  Saturday day the track was still soft in a few places, not too bad but bad enough.  The forecast for Sunday was great, warm like Saturday.  Austin’s track was going to be closed, an extra day to dry out the track would only make things better and a warm day to boot.  No brainer, we’ll race Sunday.

Of course things didn’t workout as planed.  It was cold. Real cold.  But the track was nice, lots of Austin riders came down and we had 46 riders with 15 motos.  Not bad for a non-normal race day in the cold.  I still feel a bit chilled having not warmed back up from yesterday.

Tonight’s sprints have been cancled due to the weather.  Just gym work.  I hope the rest of the week shapes up better than forecasted.  I really want to get some more track time before Oldsmar, FL at the end of the month.  Should be a good trip with Zoie.   It’ll be the first time we go to a race without Brody.  He’ll be staying at home with Cory.  We got the tickets and hotel, now just need to get a rental car.


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