It won’t rain all the time.

Posted: February 4, 2010 in LoneStar BMX, Workout

It keeps raining and has been now for what seems like months with only short breaks.  The last few days has seen lots of rain.  The track, LoneStar BMX was soft on Tuesday from the rain it’d gotten the day before.  Tonight the track will be closed due to the rain that it got since Tuesday.  It been a slow steady rain so hopefully not too much damage will have occured, but I’m not holding my breath.  I’ll go out there after work to see.

Went to the gym last night since it was Wednesday and it was rainng.  Did 30 min of stationary bike, which is getting a lot easier the more I do it.  It used to be a pain to hit the 15 min mark, but now at 25 min I have to force myself to start to cool down.  Last night I did 8.5 miles according to the bike, Monday I did 10.  Different bikes and it’s not like I’m really going anywhere, but it’s cool to see how far I can go.  I start off with the first mile being at around 3.5minutes and then try to keep 3 minute miles while resting (100-110 rpms)and then sprinting (165-200 rpms) all the while trying to keep my feet on the pedals and my but from falling off the oversized seat.  That keeps my heart rate between 132 and 162 after the first mile, though again it’s according to the bike.


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