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Posted: February 5, 2010 in Product review, reviews, Workout

Rennen has been around for a little while, not sure when they started but it was 2 ABA Grands ago that they started selling the G-Cog.  The G-Cog is a BMX specific Powermeter.  Rennen offers three models ranging from $500-$1500 with each price point offering more features than the one below it.  I got the middle of the three, the Expert.  It’s cool for showing improvements in your sprints and helps bring a more “Race start” to them with the UCI/NBL and ABA cadences.  

It’s supper easy to use, just put the G-Cog on like you would put any other cog on a cassette hub, once charged, that’s it you’re ready to go.  Turn it on and wait for the it’s get set beep, then just like being at the track the cadence starts.  Do your sprint.  Once done rest for the amount of time that you set between sprints. 

Downloading the G-Cog is simple once the included software has been installed.  Just plug-in the included BlueTooth dongle, turn on the G-Cog and bring up the G-Cog program.  It takes just a few minutes to download and the program makes all the graphs for you to look at.    

The G-Cog comes with a wall plug to charge its internal battery, a CD to install the software and the BlueTooth dongle.  If you’re using a netbook you can download the CD and use a flash drive to upload the software. 

Rennen rear cog

 Rennen also makes Regular cogs and chainrings.  I’ve been using their Four bolt chain ring for a while on my bike and it shows no signs of wear.  I just installed a rear cog and it works just like the cog on the G-Cog. It’s been rainy here and the G-Cog is a computer, you wouldn’t ride around with your laptop out in the rain. 

I really like their products and their customer service has been topnotch.  What could go wrong with a piece of Aluminum that I would know how their customer service is.  Nothing; it was my dog chewing through the power cable.  A quick stop by the Rennen tent and a new one was in hand ready to go.  They’ve also supplied updates to the G-Cog software as they come out.  They’re just good people trying to help out BMX Racers.

For more information about their products visit their site

  1. Josh says:

    Yea I love there chain rings as well. It’s the only thing I run now and the only wear I have had was just the anodizing coming off. That’s it though. Sweet stuff.