Track and Party

Posted: February 8, 2010 in LoneStar BMX, Not Bikes

This weekend the BMX track was closed again due to rain.  Sunday Randal, Eddy, Don and myself along with some kids and my wife went out and worked to get it back in shape.  I had planed on only being out there for a couple of hours, just enough to smooth it out and fix the ruts.  That turned into a Bobcat fest with all kinds of things happening.  The starting hill was first with Don and the Bobcat making quick work of it and the first jump.  Then it was on to other parts.  Eddy and I thought we’d try to bowl out the 2nd turn, but wait we have a Bobcat, so we used it.  It was a lot more work then planed but, why not.  Then it was onto the first turn where we’ve had problems with water sitting on the track.  The Bobcat got in there and started raising the track above the water line.  During all this, Randal racked, smoothed and packed the last straight.  Eddy and I made a new drag to smooth out the track and the track got a little change up.  Five hours latter, it still needs some smoothing out and there’s rain in the forcaste for most of the week.

We stopped working cause everyone wanted to go to a party of one kind or another.  Some teams, the fleur-de-lis vs the Horse shoes.  Me and the family went to a good sized party with the game being played projected on the wall, pretty cool.  I don’t get why they kept interupting the cool commericals with a football game though.  I don’t think there was anyway they could have had more commericals without playing them while plays were being played and only showing the slowmo angles.  Not sure which was the best, none really stoodout.  The Saints did grab my attention as they started the 2nd half(I think) with a kickoff at some poor schmuck that didn’t see it coming only to have the Saints pick it up and a few plays later score.  We had a good time at the party, I think it was the best football party we’d been to.

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