No where to ride.

Posted: February 9, 2010 in BMX racing, Workout

Usually when Josh and I go to the gym we do some on our race bike sprints before heading in.  Trying to go faster than the other from start to finish.  The lengths vary from 100 feet to 300 feet or more.  We do standing starts(when I have the G-Cog on), rolling starts and coasting downhill starts.  These are fun and with each of us using a Cateye wireless computer compare cadence RPM and Top speed.  It’s a friendly little competiton to not only see who gets to the end first but who went the fastest and who pedaled the fastest.  It’s been a while, but Jordan used to join us.

Josh and I planed on doing this a few times in the past couple of weeks, but the weather hasn’t been the best.  20degree weather was the first reason not to only to be followed by rain or at least wet roads since. 

It’s the rain that is causing the problem.  All the BMX tracks are getting hammered with rain.  Cap City BMX hasn’t had but a few races this year and their state race is coming up in a few weeks.  LoneStar BMX has had a few more nights open, but we’re way behind what we’ve had in the past.  I can only guess that the Huston area tracks are doing about the same.  Probably the only dry track in Texas, DeSoto’s Metroplex.

This isn't Metro Plex, its Veloport in Albuquerque but you get the Idea.

This isn't Metro Plex, its in Albuquerque but you get the Idea.

Tonight LoneStar is supposed to have practice, we’ll see how the track looks and make a decission.  I really want to have the track open and ride myself.  It’s really cutting into my being prepared for the Oldsmar, FL race. 

Last weekend the Chula Vista, CA national was wet at best.  MJT sent us a pic that looked like they were flooded using pallets as a makeshift boardwalk.  You can check that picture out on Facebook.

Well at least I’m not on the East coast where snow is piling up fast.  I should be able to find a dry parking lot and do sprints today if I can’t ride the track.

  1. Josh says:

    I know the feeling bra it sucks but I at least have the trails to ride so I can get some riding. You need to ride with me. At the trails of course.