How He Got started

Posted: February 11, 2010 in BMX racing

I started back racing BMX in about 2002.  My son was 2 and starting to ride and I wanted to do something that we as a family could do.  I remembered BMX racing had little kids doing it when I was a kid, so we found the nearest track and started making weekly trips to Lincoln, NE from Omaha.  A drive that my wife made daily to get to work during the week. 

Brody started off with me running around the track behind him helping him make it over the big jumps.  I’d race and then chase him around a few more times.  He had a 12 Torker and did pretty good.  A track opened in Council Bluffs, IA, and was closer to our house.  We Geeked it up a notch and bought matching Redline bikes, a Proline mini for Brody and a XL Flight for me.  The Mini was too big, so we flipped the stem around and got smaller cranks.  That worked ok, but he couldn’t touch the ground.  Doubling the cost of his bike, we bought him some 18 inch wheels. This worked.

His first race was kinda by accident.  We’d taken a trip down to Blue Springs, MO for theirs and Raytown’s state race. Through out the 100+ degree day we heard that there was a local in Kansas, just over the boarder in Topeka.  We decided why not hit that race too.  As normal Cory and I decided that letting Brody ride around the track with me running behind.  He was able to make the whole track without help, a first.  We decided to let him try a few more times before we signed him up, of course he did it.  So we signed Brody up.  The lady doing sign-ups was a little supprised to have Cory sign-up a 2 year old.  She gave us a number plate with BR on it.  He raced and had a good time.

The next day at Raytown Bordy raced again.  As we’re in staging for the final round someone noticed he had a flat.  With out a tube and not waiting to hold everyone up, we ran and pumped up his tire.  He got out on the track but as he came around the first turn he was looking at his back wheel and needed help with making it up the big jump out of the turn.  The tire was flat, but he made it around the rest of the way.  We were proud of him and he was so proud of the trophie he got that day.  Even though it was a normal sized trophie, it was almost as big as him.

Last night the track was open, soft in spots rutted in others.  Some came out to ride and we had a few new members come and signup.  Brody was out practicing the last straight jumping and showing off.  Then he helped out a new kid make it over the same jumps.  He seems to like helping the new kids find their way around the track.


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