N.A.G #3

Posted: February 11, 2010 in BMX racing

NAG stands for National Age Group.  Last year Zoie earned the #3 plate in her class, 6 year old girls.  She had some stiff competition from the other girls her age.  She did really good at the nationals we went to with a whole lot of 2nds.  At the ABA Grands she got 3rd behind the #1 and #2 racers and sealed the #3 plate.

How’d my 6 year old daughter get into racing?  She started off just going to the track with the family and watching me and her brother race.  At the age that I started running around behind Brody we weren’t making the weekly trips to Lincoln as a new track had been built in Iowa replacing the first Council Bluffs track. It came down the side of a hill.  It was super fast and not the place for a little one that couldn’t grab the breaks to try.  But she did have a 10 inch bike from Toys r Us that she pushed around the house and down the street.

One day I found a UFO micro mini complete bike on eBay for about $400.  A great price at the time, since there weren’t complete micros being made.  Untill the day after I bought the bike when Redline anounced they would have a micro complete in their line-up. 

I thought that getting it before Zoie could ride that I would have time to have it repainted a nice pink for her.  The bike arived a few days later in great shape.  I put it together to make sure everything was there and that it all was in good shape.  Being that Brody was also on a UFO micro mini, I figured he could take it for a spin.  We headed across the street to the church parking lot so that he could do a few laps in a flat area.  The bike was working great.

Zoie tiring of just watching asks to get on.  So I set her on the bike.  She puts her feet to the pedals and to my surprise is off and going.  Zoie had never riden a bike without training wheels, she just went.  And now I have to chace her down since she doesn’t know how to turn or stop.  Then she turns avoiding the curb and lucky for me and her starts making a big circle.  She’s doing this because she can’t get the bike to straighten out.  I never had the chance to take the bike apart after that and have it painted.

A few months later David Griswold, the Track Operator for Omaha BMX opened an indoor track in Lincoln, NE.  This is where Zoie will compete in her first race.  In the freezing weather, in an “indoor” track that is really just an open horse areana with billboard tarps for walls.  She was only 2 and we have photos of her in a kid carrier sleeping at the track. 

Zoie on the gate at LoneStar BMX, big brother holding her up.

Zoie on the gate at LoneStar BMX, big brother holding her up.

Now 5 years later she’s raced in a bunch of Nationals, gotten a NAG plate and is looking to better her number for next year.  We’re getting ready for Zoie and my first BMX trip, just the two of us.  Only a week away and the two of us are off to the races.

  1. me says:

    This is her second year with a NAG plate. This was just the first one that she worked for :)