DXR cranks and Enduro Bottom Bracket

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Product review, reviews

I’ve run Shimano DXRs going on two years.  They were a present from a friend(Josh) and my wife, they split the cost or something.  Josh installed them. They are pricey, but nice and I’ve had no issues with THEM.  

I got them along with another companies chainring.  This was a problem.  Weather it was the chainring or the supplied aluminum chainring bolts I am not sure.  The chainring snapped into three pieces, the chainring bolts stayed in the crank arms and no damage to the cranks.  Looking at the chainring, the aluminum bolts went through the holes in the rings.  Odd, yes and it hurt.  Had I not been wearing shorts and my knee/shin guards I’d been really bad.  One piece went into the kids in staging and another almost hit the finishline scores closest to the 1st straight.  The one piece that stayed with the bike had the chainring bolt stuck in the hole.  I fixed this with a Snap gear and steal chainring bolts.  I’ve since changed to Rennen chainrings.

Again nothing wrong with the DXR cranks or the bearings.  One day came across Enduro Zero Bottom Brackets.  And since I was getting a new frame figured it would be cool to get a set in Red.  Just as easy to install as the stock Shimano.  The biggest difference is they spin like a top and are super smooth.  These are still on my bike and on their 3rd frame. (adding this) I noticed that “Enduro” is bringing search results this way.  I’d like to add that these bearings have been on my bike without any cleaning or breaking.  I am about 225lb and at times are not the smoothest at landing when clearing 28 foot doubles.  They should hold up to Mtn. Bike abuse.

The Shimano DXR cranks are stiff, strong and light.  They are not cheap, you could buy a new frame for the cost of them depending on where you get them.  They are a main part of your bike and as that I think they’re worth the money.  I’ve seen a few new takes on Shimano’s idea, but they are just that.

  1. Josh says:

    I have the cranks as well and I have had it since they have been out… and still not going to change. No problem, nothing to worry about.