There was a break in the rain

Posted: February 16, 2010 in BMX racing, LoneStar BMX

There was a break in the rain this past week.  I think it stopped Thursday and as of Tuesday it’s still dry.  A nice thing to have happen.  This ment we were able to run races on Saturday and Sunday.  While the track wasn’t perfect, it was better than it has been in a while.  There were really only two soft spots, one coming out of turn one and one coming out of turn two.  I am hoping that these will be dried out for Tuesday night’s practice.

The racing was good both Saturday and Sunday.  We were supposed to have Valentines Day plaques, they got delivered at some point after Cory had to leave for the track and is the reason we decided to race on Sunday.  Saturday night we had 50 or so racers and Sunday about 20.  I think we would have seen more racers on Sunday if we had raced later in the day, but CapCityBMX was running a race with their sign-ups from 1-2 and we wanted to be sure that anyone that was planning on making that drive would have ample time. 

Those CapCityBMX guys have been having a worse time with the weather than we have.  They’ve had problems with their entrance not being passable due to the weather.  So they’re not as able to work on the track to get it back in shape.  They’re getting ready for their State Qualifer in two weeks and I hope things work out for them and they’re able to have a great race.


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