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New Bike

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Bikes, BMX racing
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I got home from work yesterday to five boxes on the front step.  Three Intense BMX frames and three THE helmets sent to us by MJT Designs.  I didn’t have much time between getting home and needing to be at the track to open for practice.  I grabbed the Intense box that said XXL and ripped it open. 

I’ve gotten pretty good at taking my bike apart and building it again.  Today it took only 35 minutes, minus the brake cable.  That would only take about 5 minutes once I had a new one on my way to the track.  Everything went together smoothly, not having to press the headset in aided that.  I decided that since the frame had an internal headset that I would use the Fit Shiv that was on my “play” bike that I never ride.  I might be switching back to the S&M that I’ve been using as the steer tube is short on the Shiv.

I haven’t weighed it yet but it doesn’t seem to weigh any more than the Supercross I dismantled.  It’s a little shorter than my last couple of frames, I think a longer stem will be a good fix for that.  I’ll also have to cut the seatpost down a little to get the seat lower.

The little tweaking aside, it rides great and with the track in good shape I had a great time riding last night.  It did take me a few laps to go for the big doubles on the first straight, but once I hit them there was no problems.  I even rode after we tore down the gate and it was just me and the last few kids hitting the last straight, which I haven’t down in a long time. 

2010 Intense

Zoie and Brody are excited to get their Intense frame built up.  I guess I know what I’ll be doing in my free time this week.  Their bikes always seem to take a little longer to build.


Working on the Track

Posted: March 29, 2010 in BMX racing, LoneStar BMX

Saturday a few of the local racers and I got tot he track at 2 and began working on turn two.  The goal was to bowl it out some more.  It was a great day for working on the track.  Anthony Robbiano, Nate Singer, Luise Rivera, and Stephen Gillenwater all put in a ton of work getting it dug out and ready by race time.  Their hard work added almost a foot of hight to the turn.  I think this will really pay off in the  coming weeks as it gets more riding and people start to ride higher in the turn.

Working Turn 2

Yesterday the track was open and the racing was great.  The track wasn’t bad as it was drying out and starting to get back into shape.  There were some really good races, the older motos were some of the best that I’ve seen lately.  Andrew and Dave Larrabee raced each other and were really battling it out.  Nate Singer and Steven Robbiano were looking pretty fast with Steven holding the lead up till the last turn.  That’s where Nate went high and around him, Steven tried too late to block and lost all his speed slipping back to 4th on the last straight.

It was really cool to have Luis Rivera, Nate Singer and Harrison Hale all move up to Expert last night.  A few younger kids moved up to intermediate.  And I am pretty sure that Sammy Kuntz moved up to Expert after last weeks national in DeSoto.  It’s been a while since we’ve had racers make the move to the harder classes and it will be exciting to watch them improve in the coming weeks and months.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80’s after a little morning drizzle.  Sounds like perfect weather to get the track ready for Saturday nights racing.  Nate said he’ll meet me at the track to get some work done on it.  We’ll see if we can get the turns nicely bowled out and smoothed.

I was checking out and found a few pictures of local racers from LoneStar BMX.   There are tons of photos there so go check out the site.  On the USAC photos page there are also photos of HoJo, Anthony Robbiano, Tim Kneip, Tanner Sabesta, Valen Tupper and I think Sammy Kuntz.  There might be others in there so go check it out’s USAC page.  Here is one of Zoie Saturday before she won the Red, White and Blue jersey that she wore for three days straight.

Zoie at the USAC National Championship

Worked on the track

Posted: March 23, 2010 in LoneStar BMX
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Went to the track last night to drop off trophies and check out the condition of the track.  From the road I could see that it was going to need some TLC.  I got the trophies out of the truck and turned on the water pump and headed out of the shed to see what I could do. 

I started thinking I would just spend an hour out there and head over to the gym.  The track wasn’t too bad, turns and a few jumps were rough, nothing too hard to get ridable. 

I started on the starting hill and moved to the first jump then the 2nd.  As I started into the first turn I decided I’d try to bowl it out some and got at it.  As the sun set I figured I’d just quickly throw some dirt on the first jump coming out of the turn and get it ready to be draged tomorrow.  I got in the truck and it’s 8 o’clock.  Almost 4 hours of being at the track digging and listening to Pandora on the Droid.

I guess today I’ll be out there about 4 to get the track ready for practice.  Not going to be able to take the same time I did on the track yesterday.  The 4-wheeler and drag will be put to good use.  Then I am planning on riding.

This past weekend the family packed up the truck and headed to DeSoto, TX for the ABA Nationals and USAC National Championship races.  Three days of top racing under a cover in Texas. 

Thursday we packed up the truck and headed out around 5.  Made a pit stop at Action Bikes to pick up some wheels for Vet Pro Chad Street and got back on the road.  A quick trip up I35 and we were in the Super 8 hotel about 11.

Friday morning as were getting dressed I flip on the TV and the weather guy is mentioning it’s going to be a wintery weekend with possible snow.  Not knowing the local stations and missing the where and when and being in Texas I figured they were talking about somewhere up North.  All week I’d been watching the weather for DeSoto and it was supposed to be nice.  So when it was time to pack, we didn’t pack

Saturday was the USAC race and it was cold.  No warm clothes were packed so we layered the kids up as best we could and headed to the track.  Zoie missed out last year in getting the Number 1 spot and had been talking about winning it for the whole year.  She really wanted that Red, White and Blue Jersey.  She took first all three rounds and in the main.

7 girls USAC Podium

Zoie standing on top of the podium

It was Great to hang with our new Team MJT Designs all weekend.  Brody and I didn’t have as great a weekend on the track as Zoie did.  Our claim can be that we didn’t crash.

The drive home was a long one with trafic and Cory nudging me every now and then to keep me awake.

Had a great day at the track on Saturday.  A-Pro Tim Knipe from Austin came down to do a clinic with new A-Pro Chris Williams and Me.  Tim and Chris took off and put on a great clinic.  I thought I was going to be stuck running the gate, till Mr. Brodie came up and asked if he could help with running the gate.  It gave me a chance to go over and help the 7 kids that were there.  Short notice of the clinic didn’t bring out the kids in droves, but it did get them almost a one on one clinic.

Tim, my son and I took a break and ran to grab lunch and some supplies for the track.  Once back at the track Tim worked with Brody for an hour or so.  Really taking personal training to heart.  Tim worked with him on corning and both had a blast running through the rythm section.  Watching Tim work with Brody I have to say, if you or your kid needs help with a skill on the track Tim is the guy to go to.

Tim Knipe showing off his Box jump prowless at the gym

Tim Kinpe showing off his Box jump prowless at the gym

After Brody’s time was up, CopperTop took a turn.  She came down from Austin and worked with Tim for an hour.  He gave her the same attention as he had Brody and the kids in the clinic earlier.  Again, if your looking to improve your racing talk with Tim.

Durring the clinics I worked on the track.  Tried to pack the 2nd turn towards the top, but one run with the Jeep showed the dirt wasn’t having any of that.  So rakes and shovels were needed to get it back to where it was before.  A little fence repair on the last straight side of the track, some sweeping and watering and chaulking a line around the track completed the track mantaince.

Gate practice was on fire.  Chris Williams A-Pro, HoJo Johnson 19-27X, Tim Knipe A-Pro about to turn Elite, Randy Young Vet Pro and myself Vet Pro were all hitting getting some great gates and going 4 wide into the first turn, jumping the big double heading into it.  Clarence White came down from Fort Hood and was gating up with us.  For a couple of 40+ guys Randy and Clarence have some strong gates. 

This was the first time since Florida I’d riden my bike without my shoulder really bother me.  I’d tried taking Advil to get my shoulder to calm down, but it wasn’t stopping anything.  Thoughout the week it had been getting better.  Then Saturday I tried Mineral Ice.  My wife had bought it a few months ago when she hurt her foot at Walgreens.  I thought I’d give it a shot and it worked.  I rode all night pain free.

Races started a little late due to Cory having to hand write the open motos.  We made a 13 and under and 14 and over opens to help the racers get some expierance with full gates.  The 13 and under had 12 or 13 kids sign up.  I think this will be a more regular race as it seemed like the racers really enjoyed it.  Even had a dad call on Sunday morning to thank us for running it.

Only one scarry moment during the races when my buddy James Ling and the 40+ cruiser riders dove into the first turn.  I see a couple of them go down and a wheel go flying over the turn.  Just a wheel.  Thinking the worst I run over to help to find James getting up a little shakin, but getting up on his own.  His fork legs snapped as he was going over the big double causing an over the bars moment only to have the guys next to him hit him.  His only injury?  Pride and maybe a sore body Sunday morning.  His Fly helmet really did it’s job.  It took the impact, braking the face guard, but disapatting the impact like a car’s crumple zone.  Had it not done this, I think he’d have been much worse off.

Somewhere in there during all this was a birthday party for Valen Tupper with a clown and blow-up bounce castle.  It was a Great day at the BMX track.