Tioga Powerblock tires

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Product review, Uncategorized

Last week I put on a set of Tioga Powerblock tires.  They replaced the Maxis DTH tires I had been running.  Both tires have the folding bead and are light.  But the Powerblocks weighed in at about an ounce lighter per tire.  I don’t think that tires get heavier with use, but the DTH tires were a year old.  A once per tire, on the outside of the wheels is great weight to lose.

Tioga Powerblock

The Powerblock tires feel great on the track.  They hook up in the turns like they should.  They felt a little smoother on rough spots on the track.  This is probably due to the lower tire pressure.

The tires are a little bigger than the DTH tires in the same size.  I was using 20×1.90 front and 20×1.75 rear Maxis and have the same Powerblocks.  The Powerblocks are also a little taller.  I didn’t notice this much, but it was a little harder to pedal.  Just a tad bigger rollout.  The DTH are about 19.5, the Powerblocks are 20 in the 20×1.75 size.  So a 44/16 is a 53.62 for the DTH and a 55 for the Powerblocks.

I am not sure what the cost was for these, they were given to me for free.  I would guess somewhere around the same price as the Maxis DTH.

So far I’ve really only ridden them on the paved turns in Oldsmar, FL.  They were not the cause of my fall, that was me coming unclipped.  I’ve only had a couple of laps on them on dirt turns, but I am guessing they’ll be the same.

Tioga just recently came out with a front specific Powerblock.  I saw one in Oldsmar, but I haven’t ridden one yet.  But it might be worth taking a look at in the future.


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