First Texas Qualifier of the year

Posted: March 2, 2010 in BMX racing

This past weekend I got the wife and kids up nice and early and headed to the BMX track.  We drove past LoneStar and straight up to for their State Qualifier.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold.  The track was in great shape and the crowd was big.

I tried to ride, but my fall in Florida the week before was still haunting me with my shoulder not quite ready to take racing.  So I did what I could and announced the races.  80 some odd motos and things were moving quickly made it hard to flip the page and get all the kids names out as they came at me.  Not knowing most of the kids, I really had to see their plates, find their names and talk about the action, all while butchering their names.  Most motos by the time I had the first 2 riders names found, the pack was gone.

Some great racing took place in the Pro race on Saturday and the Pro/Am on Sunday.  Not that there wasn’t action in the other motos, it’s just that I could WATCH the Pro and Pro/Am since I knew most if not all of the riders.  The other races I more or less see.  It might seem like the samething, but it’s not.  It’s like when you drive down the street, you see the cars you pass, but untill something “cool” or different goes by you don’t really pay them much time. 

My kids did pretty good out there on the track on Saturday but did better on Sunday. 

I got to hang out with Jason and his family from MJT Designs.

It was a great weekend of racing.


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