Over Sensitive People

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Other Cycling Racing
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Yesterday I made a post on Vintagebmx.com about a comment made by Courtney Tomei during the Reno race coverage on the Versus cable network.  She basically mentioned opening a can of Haul-ass.  I asked if others thought it OK.  I didn’t mean it to come across as an attack on her or even what she said.

The problem I do have with this; someone called Bill Curtin at SuperCross complaining that she was vulgar and should be removed from his team.  I am paraphrasing.  Why?  I don’t know, seems like I’d have better things to do than call someone and tell them to get rid of a rider because of something they said. 

I don’t think what she did was vulgar and definitely not worthy of being dismissed from her sponsors.  SuperCross got more mention due to that one post than I’ve seen in a while.  Well someone last week did post asking to see everyone’s SuperCross bikes.  It was a young lady answering a question in a quick and witty way.

Pic of Courtneys bike

As people are we really going to get all up in arms about every little thing that someone else does?  Things that we do or have done ourselves?  It’s funny running the track, I’ve had parents complain that someone else’s kid swears.  Only to have heard their kid swear as I walk over to the kids playing or numerous times behind the gate during practice.  Then there are parents that complain that other parents are over zealous, only to scream at their kids as they come off the track.


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