USAC Race in DeSoto, TX

Posted: March 22, 2010 in BMX Family, BMX racing
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This past weekend the family packed up the truck and headed to DeSoto, TX for the ABA Nationals and USAC National Championship races.  Three days of top racing under a cover in Texas. 

Thursday we packed up the truck and headed out around 5.  Made a pit stop at Action Bikes to pick up some wheels for Vet Pro Chad Street and got back on the road.  A quick trip up I35 and we were in the Super 8 hotel about 11.

Friday morning as were getting dressed I flip on the TV and the weather guy is mentioning it’s going to be a wintery weekend with possible snow.  Not knowing the local stations and missing the where and when and being in Texas I figured they were talking about somewhere up North.  All week I’d been watching the weather for DeSoto and it was supposed to be nice.  So when it was time to pack, we didn’t pack

Saturday was the USAC race and it was cold.  No warm clothes were packed so we layered the kids up as best we could and headed to the track.  Zoie missed out last year in getting the Number 1 spot and had been talking about winning it for the whole year.  She really wanted that Red, White and Blue Jersey.  She took first all three rounds and in the main.

7 girls USAC Podium

Zoie standing on top of the podium

It was Great to hang with our new Team MJT Designs all weekend.  Brody and I didn’t have as great a weekend on the track as Zoie did.  Our claim can be that we didn’t crash.

The drive home was a long one with trafic and Cory nudging me every now and then to keep me awake.


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