Worked on the track

Posted: March 23, 2010 in LoneStar BMX
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Went to the track last night to drop off trophies and check out the condition of the track.  From the road I could see that it was going to need some TLC.  I got the trophies out of the truck and turned on the water pump and headed out of the shed to see what I could do. 

I started thinking I would just spend an hour out there and head over to the gym.  The track wasn’t too bad, turns and a few jumps were rough, nothing too hard to get ridable. 

I started on the starting hill and moved to the first jump then the 2nd.  As I started into the first turn I decided I’d try to bowl it out some and got at it.  As the sun set I figured I’d just quickly throw some dirt on the first jump coming out of the turn and get it ready to be draged tomorrow.  I got in the truck and it’s 8 o’clock.  Almost 4 hours of being at the track digging and listening to Pandora on the Droid.

I guess today I’ll be out there about 4 to get the track ready for practice.  Not going to be able to take the same time I did on the track yesterday.  The 4-wheeler and drag will be put to good use.  Then I am planning on riding.

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