Kids Moving Up

Posted: March 26, 2010 in BMX racing, Local heros, LoneStar BMX
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Yesterday the track was open and the racing was great.  The track wasn’t bad as it was drying out and starting to get back into shape.  There were some really good races, the older motos were some of the best that I’ve seen lately.  Andrew and Dave Larrabee raced each other and were really battling it out.  Nate Singer and Steven Robbiano were looking pretty fast with Steven holding the lead up till the last turn.  That’s where Nate went high and around him, Steven tried too late to block and lost all his speed slipping back to 4th on the last straight.

It was really cool to have Luis Rivera, Nate Singer and Harrison Hale all move up to Expert last night.  A few younger kids moved up to intermediate.  And I am pretty sure that Sammy Kuntz moved up to Expert after last weeks national in DeSoto.  It’s been a while since we’ve had racers make the move to the harder classes and it will be exciting to watch them improve in the coming weeks and months.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80’s after a little morning drizzle.  Sounds like perfect weather to get the track ready for Saturday nights racing.  Nate said he’ll meet me at the track to get some work done on it.  We’ll see if we can get the turns nicely bowled out and smoothed.

  1. Josh says:

    I second that quote about those three turning expert! they are finally willing to ride there bike for real now! :)