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Posted: March 31, 2010 in Bikes, BMX racing
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I got home from work yesterday to five boxes on the front step.  Three Intense BMX frames and three THE helmets sent to us by MJT Designs.  I didn’t have much time between getting home and needing to be at the track to open for practice.  I grabbed the Intense box that said XXL and ripped it open. 

I’ve gotten pretty good at taking my bike apart and building it again.  Today it took only 35 minutes, minus the brake cable.  That would only take about 5 minutes once I had a new one on my way to the track.  Everything went together smoothly, not having to press the headset in aided that.  I decided that since the frame had an internal headset that I would use the Fit Shiv that was on my “play” bike that I never ride.  I might be switching back to the S&M that I’ve been using as the steer tube is short on the Shiv.

I haven’t weighed it yet but it doesn’t seem to weigh any more than the Supercross I dismantled.  It’s a little shorter than my last couple of frames, I think a longer stem will be a good fix for that.  I’ll also have to cut the seatpost down a little to get the seat lower.

The little tweaking aside, it rides great and with the track in good shape I had a great time riding last night.  It did take me a few laps to go for the big doubles on the first straight, but once I hit them there was no problems.  I even rode after we tore down the gate and it was just me and the last few kids hitting the last straight, which I haven’t down in a long time. 

2010 Intense

Zoie and Brody are excited to get their Intense frame built up.  I guess I know what I’ll be doing in my free time this week.  Their bikes always seem to take a little longer to build.

  1. Josh says:

    Big doubles. No troubles! ;)