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Another weekend of racing.  Spent all last week getting LoneStar BMX back into shape and able to be raced on.  We had about 40 riders show up and 10 motos.  Had some total points and some big motos.  We even had a kid move up to Intermediate and 3 first time racers. 

Sunday started out at 5am with a 6am drive to Pearland, TX for their State Qualifer Race at Pearland Speedway.  It was triple points and had a $3,100 Pro Purse.  79 motos of racing with 2 motos of Pros.  The weather was great for racing and the track was is GREAT!!! shape.  Saying SMOOTH doesn’t do it justice, might just have been the smoothest track I’ve been on all year.

Zoie had 4 girls in the 7-year-old Girls and Brody I think had 7 in 9 Expert.   Zoie and Brody had a good time playing with their friends that they don’t see every day and had fun.  Zoie came home with a 3rd and Brody a 4th.  Brody was looking really fast and had a great gate throughout the day.

The Pro race brought out a few big names in BMX.  Jason Rodgers, Tim Kneip,  John Purse, Dennison Smith and Andres Holguin were all looking fast in the qualifiers.  Low points would get to pick their lanes in the main so the action was tight all 3 rounds.  With a tight first turn and Big guys going in full throttle 4 men entered 3 came out.  Jason went over the top and into the crowd.  TNT and Jackle were opening it up through the track with Dennison right there and that’s how they finished.

If Texas had a State Pro Series, Tim Kneip would be leading it with 3 First place finishes going to the guy with the 512 on his plate.


The rain from last weekend did some damage to the track.  We started working on getting back to being ridable and it quickly, unexpectedly be came a track changing rebuild.  The Double going into the first turn turned into a table top of Kraken proportions.  The table top coming out of the turn was shortened a few feet.  The step-up into the 2nd turn was changed a little.  The last straight now has a table coming out of the last turn.  This has added to the time it has taken to get the track back up and running, but should make the track better over all.

Time to work on the track

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The rain from this past weekend took a big toll on the track.  I went out to the track after work yesterday to get started and Randal Parry (Bobcat’s dad) was there working already.  He had already brought out a water pump and got the standing water off the track.  He’ll be bringing out a Bobcat from his business “American All Rent” to assist with the fix-up.  I don’t think it’s been as bad as it was after this last rain in a while.  Oh well, a little more work and it’ll be rideable again.

Hopefully we can get the big work out-of-the-way and get the track open for Thursday and Saturday. 

American All Rent Inc‎ 
17645 West Blanco Road
 San Antonio, TX 78232-1095
(210) 493-0011‎

It Was a Rainy Weekend

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It rained all weekend.  Friday seemed to be the only “nice” day.  So I did nothing bike related.

If you’re looking for a fun kids movie, go check out How to Train Your Dragon.  The family and I went to see it Saturday night.  We decided to skip the IMAX 3D and just see it in 3D, this saved us around $20.  With Popcorn and Coke Icees we were ready to watch the movie.

It’s a good movie that the kids liked.  Zoie got a little upset at some parts, but enjoyed the movie overall.  Brody, Cory and I enjoyed it from start to finish.  A good movie for kids and parents alike.

Here’s the preview.

…And the Rain Sets in

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Well, it rained yesterday, so far today and more planed for tomorrow.  So far it hasn’t been too bad, I hope it stays this way.  The track could use a good soaking, just not a downpour.

Josh White has that new Elite Profile hub built into a wheel and waiting for me to pick it up at the store.  If it’s too wet to race tonight I’ll make the trek up to Action Bikes tonight and pic it up.  I am interested in putting it on my bike and seeing how it works. 

I went to the Gold’s Gym by my house yesterday and did some light lifting to work on my shoulder.  Really light weight.  It seems to be helping and I am getting more range of motion out of it every day now.  It’s funny to struggle not because of the weight, but because my shoulder doesn’t want to do it.  I also worked on some pylos.  Monday I worked up to the big 48inch box, with only a slight miss hap.  Yesterday I just used the smaller 42inch box but did more.  I also did kettle bell swings.  I got to get my workout on,  Anthony and Stephen Robiano are starting to get really fast Hojo ain’t getting any slower.  I got to get back to the front of the pack at the track. 

My training “plan” is ever evolving.  I’m going to look more at riding my bike at the track and hitting the gym on days when I can’t get to the track.  Instead of going to the gym as my workout and missing riding time.

Josh White up at Action Bikes got a new set of Profiles.  They’re supposed to be the Bee’s Knees and ther’s a lot of buzz going on about them.  Now looking at the internals they look a lot like another set of hubs.  Josh said he’d let me try them out and I’ll give my impression of them once I have had a chance to see them in person and ride them.  But for now here’s a look at the internals that I was talking about.
I9 inturnals

I9 or Profile

Profile inturnals
Profile or I9

Sunday morning I got up at before the sun at 3:30.  Why?  To make the drive out to Conroe, TX for their State Championship Qualifier.  I stopped and grabbed David and Andrew Larabee on my way out-of-town.  The David made for good conversation and helped me wake-up as we drove. 

The track was in good shape and was a lot of fun to ride and race on.  Loooonng is the only thing that really sticks out.  Well that and someone was plugged into the same outlet as the Gate controller and ever time they’d do something the gate would drop or start to and pop up.  Not something that you want to have happen when your trying to get your SNAP on.  Once that plug was pulled it was smooth sailing from where I was sitting.  If something else went wrong, I didn’t see it.  And the weather was perfect.

The Pro Race was won by A Pro Tim Kneip the leader of the ASC/Apache team, Vet Pro Andres Holguin took 2nd.  LoneStar BMX local Jordan Johnson took a tumble in the rhythm section and broke his collarbone in his Pro debut.  I took 7th after getting passed in the rhythm section as Jordan fell.  Not too bad since we had two racks of 5.

It was great to get to ride and race at this one.  I had a really good time and after getting to ride a bit more at my track I am starting to feel more confident in my riding.