Easter Saturday at LoneStar BMX.

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Bikes, BMX Family, BMX Pros, BMX racing, LoneStar BMX

The day before Easter LoneStar BMX was hopping.  I got to the track at 8 with Brody and started getting water on the turns and the gate setup.  The voice of CapcityBMX, Tim Kneip had a clinic scheduled from 9-12 and another for the Texas Outlaws from 1-3 or so.  Then it was on to the Easter Egg hunt and Egg Toss.  The kids loved it and had a good time.  We then handed out 2009 End Of Year awards and had a pot-luck.  Practice was sessioned by Pros, Randy Young, Tim, Jeremiah Oliver and myself before racing started.

We had some large motos with a 4 or 5 having 6 or more racers plus another  3 open classes with 2 having 7 riders and the other 6.  We’ve been building the open classes out to build the largest motos we can and the kids are really enjoying the competition and chance at having a full gate.  Alittle over 70 racers kept the nights racing exciting to say the least.

After the last main we had  a egg on spoon race around the track.  This took a bit to get started as the kids were all excited and well being kids.  A gate mishap and a Dad helping out and it got under way only to end in an egg fight.  Eggs went everywhere.  Through it all two kids did manage to make it around the track with their egg intact and without cheating.

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