Sunday morning I got up at before the sun at 3:30.  Why?  To make the drive out to Conroe, TX for their State Championship Qualifier.  I stopped and grabbed David and Andrew Larabee on my way out-of-town.  The David made for good conversation and helped me wake-up as we drove. 

The track was in good shape and was a lot of fun to ride and race on.  Loooonng is the only thing that really sticks out.  Well that and someone was plugged into the same outlet as the Gate controller and ever time they’d do something the gate would drop or start to and pop up.  Not something that you want to have happen when your trying to get your SNAP on.  Once that plug was pulled it was smooth sailing from where I was sitting.  If something else went wrong, I didn’t see it.  And the weather was perfect.

The Pro Race was won by A Pro Tim Kneip the leader of the ASC/Apache team, Vet Pro Andres Holguin took 2nd.  LoneStar BMX local Jordan Johnson took a tumble in the rhythm section and broke his collarbone in his Pro debut.  I took 7th after getting passed in the rhythm section as Jordan fell.  Not too bad since we had two racks of 5.

It was great to get to ride and race at this one.  I had a really good time and after getting to ride a bit more at my track I am starting to feel more confident in my riding.


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