…And the Rain Sets in

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Gear, Not Bikes, Workout
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Well, it rained yesterday, so far today and more planed for tomorrow.  So far it hasn’t been too bad, I hope it stays this way.  The track could use a good soaking, just not a downpour.

Josh White has that new Elite Profile hub built into a wheel and waiting for me to pick it up at the store.  If it’s too wet to race tonight I’ll make the trek up to Action Bikes tonight and pic it up.  I am interested in putting it on my bike and seeing how it works. 

I went to the Gold’s Gym by my house yesterday and did some light lifting to work on my shoulder.  Really light weight.  It seems to be helping and I am getting more range of motion out of it every day now.  It’s funny to struggle not because of the weight, but because my shoulder doesn’t want to do it.  I also worked on some pylos.  Monday I worked up to the big 48inch box, with only a slight miss hap.  Yesterday I just used the smaller 42inch box but did more.  I also did kettle bell swings.  I got to get my workout on,  Anthony and Stephen Robiano are starting to get really fast Hojo ain’t getting any slower.  I got to get back to the front of the pack at the track. 

My training “plan” is ever evolving.  I’m going to look more at riding my bike at the track and hitting the gym on days when I can’t get to the track.  Instead of going to the gym as my workout and missing riding time.


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