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Saturday we had the first local Pro race. It was just three of us doing it for fun and a chance to run the track at full tilt. Chris Williams, myself and Josh White made the run finishing in that order. I think this will be a new part to Saturday races. We should be able to have more out on the track in the coming weeks, Randy Young, Jordan Johnson and any of the Austin Pros would make these more exciting.


Saturday, June 5, Double Points Race for Life at Lone Star BMX.

Sign-ups 3-5pm. $10 race fee plus $10 minimum donation. All donations go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Sunday, June 6, Lone Star BMX State Qualifier Race.

Signups 9-11 am. Cost is $20. Awards given 1st – 4rth place.

Please, cash only for this event.

Also going on at the track during these races;

Fundraiser to Benefit
Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas

Saturday, June 5, 2010
(Dinner) 4:00pm – 8:00pm


Sunday, June 6, 2010
(Lunch) 11:00am – 2:00pm

(Brisket, Sausage, Beans, Coleslaw, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and Desserts)

Lone Star BMX Raceway
19795 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, TX

Saturday I got the track at 12 for some needed track work.  I was pleasently surprised to see the Hale family already there mowing the grass.  The Twomeys brought out a riding lawnmower and edger to help.  Not too long and others started coming out to work on the 2nd jump and to help with getting the grass under control.  

Friday the Petrees brought out someone with a shredder and knocked down alot of the grass making Saturdays work much easier.

Saturday night’s race was well attended with about 50 or so racers.  Some made the trip down from Austin or up from the coast.  15 motos and things went smoothly.

Thank you to all that made this past weekend possible.

Thank you to all that have helped work on LoneStar BMX this week.  The track is shaping up nicely and if things keep goig the way they have, we should be racing Thursday.

This is how I felt as the rain came down this past weekend.

This is how I felt as the rain came down this past weekend.

I’ve had a set of Chris King hubs for years.  I bought them used from a guy in Lincoln, NE who was the 3rd owner of them, making them about 3 years old at the time.  They ran great when I got them, but the new “greatest” hubs were the Stealths and that’s what the last two guys before me bought when they sold the Kings to me.

Chris King BMX Hub

Picture from the Chris King webpage

I rode these hubs for quite a few years and had them built into a couple of rims.  During this time I only had the hubs serviced once, a cleaning.  They were great hubs but like everything, eventually you want to try something new.  I went with the Industry Nine hubs and sold the Kings to help pay for them.  A little while later, I bought the Kings back and had them built into a new set of 20×1 3/8ths for Brody.

At roughly 10 years old the back wheel was starting to feel a little gritty, so I had ORP take the wheel after the Pearland State Race.  Chris Rickard told me there was a bunch of things  that he could do to the hub, I opted for a new axle and bolts to lighten the wheel up.  Other options were a lighter rate spring in the driver and ceramic bearings.  With all the options installed, he showed me his rear wheel.  Man is it slick, no wonder a certain Olympian from Texas goes to ORP for work on his bike.  After pulling the hub apart, a bad bearing was the cause of the gritty feeling, so that was replaced too.  Not bad 10+ years and only one of the bearings went bad in that time with almost no work done to it .

We got the wheel back from ORP on Friday and had it on Brody’s bike for Saturday’s local race.  It spun like a top.  Brody really likes it.  He noticed it made his bike feel lighter than the old wheel he’d been using for a week.  The Aluminum bolts and axle are looking good and made an already light hub lighter.

Now you might think that if you buy a set of Chris King hubs that they shouldn’t need to be worked on and they don’t.  But this is Racing.  People buy cars and soup them up to race, even after buying “Race” parts for their cars they have to have them tuned.  This is what ORP does to Chris King Hubs, he tunes them.  If you’re looking for a Hub that will last a long time, Chris King is the way to go.  (I’m still running the I9’s but their only a year old) Want to soup it up, take it to ORP and let them hep you out.

Another Sunday spent getting up and hitting the road by 6 am.  This time it was taking I35 north to Ft. Worth and Cowtown BMX.  The drive up was a short 4 hours long and ended after Google maps got us to the right place, after 3 attempts.  We were close for about 10 minutes, just not there.

The track was in great shape.  The race was a little smaller than the other Qualifiers so far this year, about 58 motos.  There were people from all over the state.  I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinairy happen that hasn’t happened at other tracks or their races.  A great race experiance in my book.  One thing I’ve noticed with going North of CapCity BMX this year; the weather is colder there.  About 20 degrees cooler than San Antonio.

Allen and Shawna have a fun, long track.  Brody and most of the kids were having a blast jumping all over the place.  After the race, a ton of kids rode for about an hour, non-stop.  The tracks jumps weren’t too big, just the right size to be fun for all.  It is long.  Not sure how long, but it felt much longer than LoneStar and maybe about even with Armadilo.  But it was fun, so don’t take what I’ve said as a complaint.

Brody and Zoie got 3rd and 2nd.  Both had great first straights.  Brody was jumping and looking realy good through out the track.

The Pro race was a little light on attendance.  Five Pros came out to play, most notibly missing from this one was the Points leader TNT Tim Kneip.  He’s gotten himself a job and well that got priority this weekend.  Cody Hungerford of Sun Bru stepped up in Tim’s absence and took the first from Chad Street on Pahntom/On-track/Intense.  I forgot the other two guys names, I got 5th.

My non-scientific and going off the top of my head placing for the Pro Texas State race has Tim Kneip in 1st with Cody Hungerford stepping into 2nd and Dennison Smith in 3rd.

Monday night Cory and I had out 13th anniversary.  Yep, it’s been 13 years since I said YEP when asked if I’d take Cory to be my wife.  As the guests gasped, I did say Yes, but don’t think it was heard by as many as the Yep was. 

So anyway we got a sitter and headed out for a night together.  A nice meal at Logans Steakhouse and we did what we do most times we have a sitter, went to the movies.  We made our way over to Santikos on 1604 and Bandera.  Clash of the Titans was showing, we were too late to see it in 3d.  We got the popcorn and drinks and headed in.

The story line sorta in a not really sorta way followed the Old Clash of the Titans.  It made a few referances to the older version in a haha sorta way.  If you go thinking that it’s just a remake, it’s not.  It’s more like a retelling of the story.  From start to finish it’s basicly a different movie, kinda like watching the many different Robin Hood movies of the past.

We did like it.  It was entertaining and had pretty good effects.  It was a good time and worth seeing.  My nearly 10 year old would have liked it, my 7 year old daughter wouldn’t have.  We’ll probably end up with it for our home DVD collection at some point.