Finally got the family on the same bike

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Bikes, BMX Family, BMX racing, LoneStar BMX
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It’s been a while since I got my Intense Podium built up.  Zoie’s went together with ease a few days later.  But Brody’s was a little harder.  It took a little bit to get everything it needed. 

Brody is on an Expert sized bike.  It’s coming in at right around 14 pounds complete.  Nothing too crazy parts wise other than his wheels, the Chris King hubs are older than he is.  After racing it Saturday night he was really digging it.  He even asked to make the trip up to Austin to race.  He commented on how light it was a few times.  I think he spent more time in the air than on the ground.  He’s really getting into jumping things more and this bike isn’t holding him back.

The LoneStar BMX track is getting faster as more racers ride on it.  Hojo and Randy Young came out early on Saturday and worked on a few of the jumps to smooth them out.  With the Race For Life and State race coming up on June 5th and 6th I am hoping that the weather will hold off and stay dry.


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