13th Anniversary/Movie Night

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Not Bikes, Uncategorized

Monday night Cory and I had out 13th anniversary.  Yep, it’s been 13 years since I said YEP when asked if I’d take Cory to be my wife.  As the guests gasped, I did say Yes, but don’t think it was heard by as many as the Yep was. 

So anyway we got a sitter and headed out for a night together.  A nice meal at Logans Steakhouse and we did what we do most times we have a sitter, went to the movies.  We made our way over to Santikos on 1604 and Bandera.  Clash of the Titans was showing, we were too late to see it in 3d.  We got the popcorn and drinks and headed in.

The story line sorta in a not really sorta way followed the Old Clash of the Titans.  It made a few referances to the older version in a haha sorta way.  If you go thinking that it’s just a remake, it’s not.  It’s more like a retelling of the story.  From start to finish it’s basicly a different movie, kinda like watching the many different Robin Hood movies of the past.

We did like it.  It was entertaining and had pretty good effects.  It was a good time and worth seeing.  My nearly 10 year old would have liked it, my 7 year old daughter wouldn’t have.  We’ll probably end up with it for our home DVD collection at some point.


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