Cowtown State Qualifier

Posted: May 10, 2010 in BMX Family, BMX Pros, BMX racing
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Another Sunday spent getting up and hitting the road by 6 am.  This time it was taking I35 north to Ft. Worth and Cowtown BMX.  The drive up was a short 4 hours long and ended after Google maps got us to the right place, after 3 attempts.  We were close for about 10 minutes, just not there.

The track was in great shape.  The race was a little smaller than the other Qualifiers so far this year, about 58 motos.  There were people from all over the state.  I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinairy happen that hasn’t happened at other tracks or their races.  A great race experiance in my book.  One thing I’ve noticed with going North of CapCity BMX this year; the weather is colder there.  About 20 degrees cooler than San Antonio.

Allen and Shawna have a fun, long track.  Brody and most of the kids were having a blast jumping all over the place.  After the race, a ton of kids rode for about an hour, non-stop.  The tracks jumps weren’t too big, just the right size to be fun for all.  It is long.  Not sure how long, but it felt much longer than LoneStar and maybe about even with Armadilo.  But it was fun, so don’t take what I’ve said as a complaint.

Brody and Zoie got 3rd and 2nd.  Both had great first straights.  Brody was jumping and looking realy good through out the track.

The Pro race was a little light on attendance.  Five Pros came out to play, most notibly missing from this one was the Points leader TNT Tim Kneip.  He’s gotten himself a job and well that got priority this weekend.  Cody Hungerford of Sun Bru stepped up in Tim’s absence and took the first from Chad Street on Pahntom/On-track/Intense.  I forgot the other two guys names, I got 5th.

My non-scientific and going off the top of my head placing for the Pro Texas State race has Tim Kneip in 1st with Cody Hungerford stepping into 2nd and Dennison Smith in 3rd.


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