Great Day and Night

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Local heros, LoneStar BMX, Uncategorized
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Saturday I got the track at 12 for some needed track work.  I was pleasently surprised to see the Hale family already there mowing the grass.  The Twomeys brought out a riding lawnmower and edger to help.  Not too long and others started coming out to work on the 2nd jump and to help with getting the grass under control.  

Friday the Petrees brought out someone with a shredder and knocked down alot of the grass making Saturdays work much easier.

Saturday night’s race was well attended with about 50 or so racers.  Some made the trip down from Austin or up from the coast.  15 motos and things went smoothly.

Thank you to all that made this past weekend possible.


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