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LoneStar BMX got hit pretty hard with rain on Monday.  Yesterday afternoon when I went out to check on it, things weren’t too bad, just needs a few hours of work with 4-5 guys with shovels.  I decided not to jump in and get to work, though Nick had gotten there before me and had.

I decided not to start working as there was a high chance of rain forecasted and the clouds were coming in fast.  With a hurricane headed for Texas, I figured I wait and see what happens. 

It gets a bit frustrating to work on the track to have it wash out after only one day of being open or worse as you’re pulling out of the driveway.  This has happened too many times in the last year.

This is just a little setback.  I’ve been training and part of that is getting time on the track, not time with the track.  Maybe the weather will blow by and the track won’t take long to fix.  That would be great and then I can get back to smoothing out my skills.


This past weekend was a busy one for me.  Saturday head out to the track and get it ready for racing.  Water, set up PA, water, set up gate and water.  A bunch of new riders made it out and things are starting to pick-up.  A good night of racing.

We ran our now weekly Pro race.  Josh White, Randy Young, Jordan Johnson and myself made up the Pros.  After weeks of whinning HoJo was allowed in and Jake Trevino rounded it out.  It’s always good to get on the gate and get some racing in.  With seven guys it’s all the more fun.

After the family ran over to Willie’s Icehouse and had a good meal.  Willies has great food and has become a regular stop for us on our way home from the track Saturday nights.

Sunday we had a Cub Scout pack come out to the track.  Nate was out to help with that and there were roughly 20 kids out to ride the track.  Most had never done it, one had been to a birthday party at the track in the past, two had raced in the last year.  It went really good with no injuries and a few parents trying it out.  We had a few ask lots of questions and make plains to come back and race.

A great weekend.

Day at Work

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Another day at work. Here is Russ and Kevin arm wrestling.


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We’ve had some good practice sessions at the track lately. Last night we had all most a full gate of Pros. Well 5 and HoJo. It was good to get some side by side riding. Then as things wound down we started working on the rythm section.

Afterward I had a quick trip to Chipotle with Josh White and Jordan Johnson.

Here’s a quick video of Brody working on jumping the stepup in the 2nd straight.

Saturday’s race went smoothly. I was a little worried with me running sign-ups and Cory out-of-town. Don and Jeff did their normal great job of running the gate and staging. Josh White steped up and rocked the mic while I scored the finish line.

Because I was scoring and Josh and Randy were the only other Pros out, we didn’t run a Pro race. It’s a bummer cause if one more would have come out we would have had a pro race 3 weeks in a row. Oh well Cory will be back for this coming Saturday and we’ll get that Pro ball rolling.

Josh brought out the GT and after the races I got a lap on it. It rides nice and felt stiff. It’s a XL which is a little small for me, but it felt good. I’d say it rides just like the Carbon framed GT. Both of which were a little to small for me, but felt good aside from that.

The Profile Elite hubs felt good, just like my Industry Nine wheels. The two pairs of wheels with Profile Elite hubs that I’ve seen would cost about the same as a set of Industry Nine Wheels, only you don’t get the aluminum spokes. This could be a good and bad thing depending on you.

Tuesday night practice was good at Lone Star BMX. I got a chance to get some gates with Randy, Jordan and Josh. Any chance that I get to ride makes for a great night. And as I got a chance the heat was subsiding.

Josh sent me a text earlier in the day showing me his new GT. Yep Josh is sporting a new GT Speed Series XL. It looks like GT took the Carbon Ultrabox II, traced it and made their newest frame following that design, right down to the intergrated seatpost clamp. I think it is sweet. I like the looks, the construction looks tops, the tubes all seemed to be hydro formed in some way and those that rode it said it was nice.

Josh has this bike decked to the teeth with great parts. It looks like Mike Day handed the bike to Josh after his last national. Right down to the DXR cranks, Profile Elite hubs and the number 365 on his plate. 365 was the number given to Josh when he turned A Pro. Josh seemed to have some renewed power while doing gates. But that might be cause he’s starting to ride more.

Josh's bike

Josh's 2010 GT Speed Series XL

I didn’t get a chance to ride the Speed Series. Well I almost did, but since the bike was thrown together in less than an hour there were some build issues. I’m a snob and with a slightly loose headset I turned down the offer, but will take it for a spin soon.

2nd Pro Race

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Saturday we had our 2nd Pro Local race.  It had three races, one different form the last.  Randy Young joined Chris Williams (ORP) and Me (MJT Designs/Intense).  With only three of us it’s more about getting in race laps, but Chris was feeling his Wheaties and took the 1st, me 2nd and Randy 3rd.  We were all close through out and pushed each other to the line, which is the whole point of these.  If we can get a few more we’ll start taking it more seriously.

Cory will be out-of-town this week so I had to learn MotoMaker.  It’s not too hard, but we’ll see how it goes this Thursday.