Thursday Night Race

Posted: June 11, 2010 in BMX Pros, BMX racing, LoneStar BMX

Yesterday the track was open for the normal Thursday night race.  Turnout was small, but we just had rain and I think people might have thought we’d have been closed.  The track had only gotten a little damage and only took an hour to fix with just three out there before the race.  Everything seemed great, the weather was nice with a cool breeze and the track was still feeling packed. 

Thank you Nate and Steven for your help, especially Nate for grabbing the trash.

After races were over I was able to ride around the track a few times and get some air time in.  Sergio Pena was out with his dad, been a while since I’ve seen them out.  He kid of disappeared after I moved down to San Antonio, sounded like he’d really like to get back into things.  Chris Williams and Randy Young were also out hitting the track thought out the night.

This Saturday should be our 2nd local Pro race.  Josh White, Jordan Johnson, myself, Randy and Chris have talked about doing this for a while now to get some race laps in.  Nothing like turning Pro to take away the chance to race.  This will be for fun/bragging rights with minimal money on the line.

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