Practice and New Bike

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Bikes, BMX Pros, Gear, Local heros, LoneStar BMX, Product review
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Tuesday night practice was good at Lone Star BMX. I got a chance to get some gates with Randy, Jordan and Josh. Any chance that I get to ride makes for a great night. And as I got a chance the heat was subsiding.

Josh sent me a text earlier in the day showing me his new GT. Yep Josh is sporting a new GT Speed Series XL. It looks like GT took the Carbon Ultrabox II, traced it and made their newest frame following that design, right down to the intergrated seatpost clamp. I think it is sweet. I like the looks, the construction looks tops, the tubes all seemed to be hydro formed in some way and those that rode it said it was nice.

Josh has this bike decked to the teeth with great parts. It looks like Mike Day handed the bike to Josh after his last national. Right down to the DXR cranks, Profile Elite hubs and the number 365 on his plate. 365 was the number given to Josh when he turned A Pro. Josh seemed to have some renewed power while doing gates. But that might be cause he’s starting to ride more.

Josh's bike

Josh's 2010 GT Speed Series XL

I didn’t get a chance to ride the Speed Series. Well I almost did, but since the bike was thrown together in less than an hour there were some build issues. I’m a snob and with a slightly loose headset I turned down the offer, but will take it for a spin soon.


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