Saturday night’s race

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Bikes, BMX racing, LoneStar BMX, Product review

Saturday’s race went smoothly. I was a little worried with me running sign-ups and Cory out-of-town. Don and Jeff did their normal great job of running the gate and staging. Josh White steped up and rocked the mic while I scored the finish line.

Because I was scoring and Josh and Randy were the only other Pros out, we didn’t run a Pro race. It’s a bummer cause if one more would have come out we would have had a pro race 3 weeks in a row. Oh well Cory will be back for this coming Saturday and we’ll get that Pro ball rolling.

Josh brought out the GT and after the races I got a lap on it. It rides nice and felt stiff. It’s a XL which is a little small for me, but it felt good. I’d say it rides just like the Carbon framed GT. Both of which were a little to small for me, but felt good aside from that.

The Profile Elite hubs felt good, just like my Industry Nine wheels. The two pairs of wheels with Profile Elite hubs that I’ve seen would cost about the same as a set of Industry Nine Wheels, only you don’t get the aluminum spokes. This could be a good and bad thing depending on you.


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