Track is Going to Need Work

Posted: June 30, 2010 in LoneStar BMX
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LoneStar BMX got hit pretty hard with rain on Monday.  Yesterday afternoon when I went out to check on it, things weren’t too bad, just needs a few hours of work with 4-5 guys with shovels.  I decided not to jump in and get to work, though Nick had gotten there before me and had.

I decided not to start working as there was a high chance of rain forecasted and the clouds were coming in fast.  With a hurricane headed for Texas, I figured I wait and see what happens. 

It gets a bit frustrating to work on the track to have it wash out after only one day of being open or worse as you’re pulling out of the driveway.  This has happened too many times in the last year.

This is just a little setback.  I’ve been training and part of that is getting time on the track, not time with the track.  Maybe the weather will blow by and the track won’t take long to fix.  That would be great and then I can get back to smoothing out my skills.


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