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The Worlds

Posted: July 30, 2010 in BMX racing, Local heros

Well the BMX Worlds started over in South Africa.  Looks like HoJo made it in one piece.  Yesterday the under 13’s raced.  I’m not sure if it’s the over 13’s or Cruisers that will race today.  Should be some good action.

HoJo at Worlds

You can check out video at  Just follow the links to the videos. will be Webcasting the Elite Classes live, beginning Saturday morning around 6:30AM Eastern Time.


Zoie decided that she wanted to start jumping.  She started and after her 3rd attempt started clearing the middle table on last straight.

I’ve been running S&M Slam Bars for years.  They’ve been on every BMX bike I’ve had since I was 15.  Back then they were new and the “in” thing.  I liked them because of their bend and the feel they offered.  I got them after riding a set of Boss bars about the time L&S came out or took over Boss or Boss became L&S.  Back then I think you had the choice of color; Black or Chrome, mine were chrome.  I had those bars through 97ish when I got rid of my BMX bike thinking that Mountain Biking was fun.

Around 2001 I got back into BMX, at least enough to get a real Race bike.  A Redline Flight.  The first thing I changed was the bars to S&M Slams and a DK XXL stem.  Those bars stayed around for a long time.  They found their way onto my BREW pitbike and eventually onto a Standard that I traded away.  During that time I also ran the S&M Race, XLT, and Race XLT on my race bikes.  Same bend, shape and feel just different names.

A few weeks ago I rode Josh’s GT around the track and noticed that the front end seemed stiffer than my bike.  We have pretty much the same parts aside from the frame and headset.  I wondered what could be up.  He was running the Slam XLT’s, I was running the Race XLT’s.  The Race XLTs were a little lighter, but that seemed to be all.  I decided that maybe it was time to go back to the Slams.  Action Bikes had the Slam XLTs in stock so onto the bike they went.

The change to my bike was noticable.  It made the front end feel stiffer and better to me.  Might be my size but the Slams seemed better than the Races.  I don’t think the older bars were wornout, but they did flex more.  No real difference in price between the two and of course they have the same feel.  Gotta be over 20 years that S&M has been making those bars and they still have a great product.

Helmet Meets Car

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Bikes, BMX Pros, Gear, Local heros

What happens when your helmet gets run over?  Well Josh learned what happens to a Carbon THE Saturday night.

After spending some good times riding and hanging with the kids after the races Josh pulled out of the drive.  A few of us standing around noticed he had left his helmet on the trunk of his car.  We tried to yell, but didn’t work.  Called his cell, took longer than getting to the road.  And it fell off, next we head the crack of a car running it over.

Of course Josh didn’t believe me, he thought that I had it in hand and was pranking him.  Of course had I had it in hand I would have called him and said that, but that’s another story.  Nate ran up to the road hoping for the best and came back with this.  Looking at these two pictures I realize that I should have taken one of the front where the chin bar is snapped on both sides.  But the THE helmet still looks like a helmet after a 1500 size pick-up truck ran it over.  Now if only it fit in a blender.



Another Friday at Work

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Another Friday at work.

Double Standards

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Not Bikes

MKII Part 2

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Product review
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I’ve been running the Intense MKII tires for a while now.  Back in March I started out running 20×1.75 front and rear.  This working pretty good, but at times the front end did seem to get loose.  So I threw a 20×2 on the front.  This has eliminated the washy feeling.  It also looks better, well more like what I am used to with a bigger tire up front.

I am still running the same tire in the rear.  No, not the same size, the same tire.  It seems to be holding up good to track use and street sprint sessions.  Longevity seemed to be a problem with the Micro Knobby tire for me and my kids.  The center would wear out and any skidding really killed the tread, even on the track.  The MKII really seems to have fixed this for me.

The tire rolls fast and has a high PSI rating.  The tire works best for me at about 80psi.  It seems to grab better in the turns and not feel like it’s folding when jumping.

The Intense MKII is a really good tire in all conditions.  I haven’t ridden in the rain on a mud puddled track, but everything else seems to be great.