Saturday Trip to DeSoto

Posted: July 6, 2010 in BMX Family, BMX Pros, BMX racing
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After a week of rain the track wasn’t going to be open.  I wanted to ride and so began the trip to DeSoto, TX.  Their State Qualifer is this coming weekend.

It really started Friday night while I was working out when I decided that I wanted to ride and rain was still in the forecast.  I called Cory to see what the plans were for the weekend.  She had to work Sunday and Monday, I asked if she could switch to working Saturday and the kids and I would make the run.  She was able to.

I call Josh who normally works on Saturdays at Action Bikes.  I asked if he could get the day off or take a half day.  No dice.  I call Tim Kneip to see if he wants to go.  He says he does.  Car full.

Saturday morning things look good, the kids are ready and I am ready.  I call Tim to see about picking him up on the way through Austin.  He says his girlfriend doesn’t want him to go, but to call back later to check. 

We get on the road and start the trip.  I call Tim a few times as we get near to Austin with no answer.  I leave a message and text him.  Finally I leave a message that if I don’t hear from him, I’ll assume he’s out.  Nothing still as I near the Toll road around Austin.  The Toll road is empty and smooth sailing.  Tim calls just as we get back to I35 letting me know he’d like to go but can’t.

Nice trip with the kids and everything went great.  We roll into DeSoto about 5:30 with an hour to wait before sign-ups start.  Get the kids set, get my gear on and check out the place.  Another group from San Antonio pulls up; Darin, Hojo, David and their boys. 

The track was in good shape, as it always is with it having a roof and all.  Brody really liked their last straight jumping the first 3 jumps on it.

To crunch for time, Zoie got a 2nd after holding down the top spot for 3/4 of the track in 2 motos.  Brody got a 3rd after fighting for the qualifier and making the main.  I got a 5th in the 9 guy Pro/Am.  It was really fun getting to race and ride the track.

The drive back was uneventful.  Which was nice seeing as how we didn’t get home till about 3AM.


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