DeSoto, TX State Quailifier

Posted: July 12, 2010 in BMX Family, BMX Pros, BMX racing, Local heros
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Saturday I packed the kids up and took them to a birthday party for Tyler, Randy’s son.  After the party, an oil change, some phone calls, and packing the trucks up and Subway, we headed to DeSoto, TX.  Randy and Tyler, Josh, Jordan, me and my two kids in two trucks.  I35 wasn’t bad, but we took the Toll road around Austin just to avoid traffic that likes to standstill there.

We rolled into the parking lot of the track at about 9:30pm just as people were leaving the Saturday night’s race.  Met up with MJT Designs and scoped out the track.  The others rode around the track a few times as it was being taken down while I chatted with Jason.  A quick trip to IHOP and then to Red Roof Inn for a nights sleep.

Sunday we got back to the track at 9.  The track already had a good amount of people hanging out and riding.  The kids rode off to see friends and ride the track.  Randy, Jordan, and Josh went to ride the track also.  Metroplex had times for the age groups and was running things well.  

My staff infection was still bothering me so I didn’t ride.  Randy wasn’t feeling it and decided not to race either.  Leaving just Jordan and Josh to rep the Pros of San Antonio.  First round Jordan slams the gate, he says his cleat came out of his shoe.  It might have, but it was slamming the gate that caused it.  Josh stayed with the field, though on the back, Josh did this all 3.  Round two Jordan was doing better when he was taken high in the 1st turn and a couple of people made a pass.  Round three Jordan was in 2nd untill the last straight and took 3rd.  Not quite good enough for the semi.  

The kids fared better.  Brody started off the day not feeling well and asked to be pulled before practice was over.  I told him to just go out and ride and try his best.  I then went a step too far and offered that if he won the 1st round or main I’d buy him a THE helmet bag.  He was in 2nd all the way to the last jump and made the pass before the line.  Then in the main led it from the gate to the finish line. 

Zoie did her normal 2nd place after leading the pack for most of the track, qualifying in the 1st round.  In the main she was leading it down the 2nd straight when another girl and her tagged each other sending the other girl down.  The 3rd place rider moved up to 2nd and made up some ground on Zoie.  In the rhythm section she was able to pass Zoie.  Down the last straight Zoie was really digging and as she came along side the other girl, they hit each other.  Zoie hit the ground as they went up the last jump.  She was ok, a little sore, but I think that was mostly pride.

Tyler was right before Brody’s main.  I missed it watching Brody.  This was his first race as a 9 year old and he was doing a great job keeping with those guys.

Pro/Am went down with Jason Rodgers taking the win, Tanner Sebesta taking 2nd I think.  This was after Andres Holguin lead the race from the start, but fell hitting the fence in the last straight.

Away from the track; Karyssa’s step-mom Kim had her baby Sunday evening.  A baby boy, 7lbs 2.6oz of love and joy.


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