MKII Part 2

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Product review
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I’ve been running the Intense MKII tires for a while now.  Back in March I started out running 20×1.75 front and rear.  This working pretty good, but at times the front end did seem to get loose.  So I threw a 20×2 on the front.  This has eliminated the washy feeling.  It also looks better, well more like what I am used to with a bigger tire up front.

I am still running the same tire in the rear.  No, not the same size, the same tire.  It seems to be holding up good to track use and street sprint sessions.  Longevity seemed to be a problem with the Micro Knobby tire for me and my kids.  The center would wear out and any skidding really killed the tread, even on the track.  The MKII really seems to have fixed this for me.

The tire rolls fast and has a high PSI rating.  The tire works best for me at about 80psi.  It seems to grab better in the turns and not feel like it’s folding when jumping.

The Intense MKII is a really good tire in all conditions.  I haven’t ridden in the rain on a mud puddled track, but everything else seems to be great.

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