Helmet Meets Car

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Bikes, BMX Pros, Gear, Local heros

What happens when your helmet gets run over?  Well Josh learned what happens to a Carbon THE Saturday night.

After spending some good times riding and hanging with the kids after the races Josh pulled out of the drive.  A few of us standing around noticed he had left his helmet on the trunk of his car.  We tried to yell, but didn’t work.  Called his cell, took longer than getting to the road.  And it fell off, next we head the crack of a car running it over.

Of course Josh didn’t believe me, he thought that I had it in hand and was pranking him.  Of course had I had it in hand I would have called him and said that, but that’s another story.  Nate ran up to the road hoping for the best and came back with this.  Looking at these two pictures I realize that I should have taken one of the front where the chin bar is snapped on both sides.  But the THE helmet still looks like a helmet after a 1500 size pick-up truck ran it over.  Now if only it fit in a blender.




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