S&M Slam Bars

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Bikes, Product review
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I’ve been running S&M Slam Bars for years.  They’ve been on every BMX bike I’ve had since I was 15.  Back then they were new and the “in” thing.  I liked them because of their bend and the feel they offered.  I got them after riding a set of Boss bars about the time L&S came out or took over Boss or Boss became L&S.  Back then I think you had the choice of color; Black or Chrome, mine were chrome.  I had those bars through 97ish when I got rid of my BMX bike thinking that Mountain Biking was fun.

Around 2001 I got back into BMX, at least enough to get a real Race bike.  A Redline Flight.  The first thing I changed was the bars to S&M Slams and a DK XXL stem.  Those bars stayed around for a long time.  They found their way onto my BREW pitbike and eventually onto a Standard that I traded away.  During that time I also ran the S&M Race, XLT, and Race XLT on my race bikes.  Same bend, shape and feel just different names.

A few weeks ago I rode Josh’s GT around the track and noticed that the front end seemed stiffer than my bike.  We have pretty much the same parts aside from the frame and headset.  I wondered what could be up.  He was running the Slam XLT’s, I was running the Race XLT’s.  The Race XLTs were a little lighter, but that seemed to be all.  I decided that maybe it was time to go back to the Slams.  Action Bikes had the Slam XLTs in stock so onto the bike they went.

The change to my bike was noticable.  It made the front end feel stiffer and better to me.  Might be my size but the Slams seemed better than the Races.  I don’t think the older bars were wornout, but they did flex more.  No real difference in price between the two and of course they have the same feel.  Gotta be over 20 years that S&M has been making those bars and they still have a great product.


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