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This past weekend was the Texas State Championship race in De Soto, TX. 

LoneStar BMX was open Saturday night for practice only as many of the racers would be out-of-town for the finals.  Cory said that there were a ton of new riders out on Saturday with 5 signing up for the ABA and a bunch more just coming to see what it’s all about.  Cory asked a few how they heard about the track and it was thanks to fliers being handed out at one of the local schools. 

Saturday in De Soto was a long day as was Sunday.  My kids did pretty good over the weekend.  Zoie got a 2nd both days with a girl she beat on Saturday taking the win on Sunday.  Brody was the opposite, he didn’t make the main on Saturday. Then Sunday beat the kids that were in the main the day before, taking a Fourth to some really fast guys in the 10 Expert class.

The Pro race was crazy.  I only know that Denzel Stein (Redline) won it from gate 8 and Tim Kneip (AtomLab) took 8th.  Tim had a gnarly gate, power wheeling all the way past the 30 foot line, only to get swallowed by the pack when the wheel touched down.  Denzel looked like he was toying with the others easily winning the main.

KJ Remero made the main both the Pro/am on Saturday and Pro Sunday.  I am not sure how he finished either day, I bring him up because of this video of him and Tyler.


Clinic and Another Pro/Am

Posted: August 23, 2010 in BMX Pros, BMX racing, Workout

Saturday the kids and I had Tim “TNT” Kneip come down and do his Dynamite clinic.  Tim has really put in some thought into this.  He started the kids off with a warm-up jog, some stretching and off the bike work.  He worked with the kids on the gate and around the track.  For anyone looking for something extra to get faster than the comp, give Tim a shout,  Tim had a dungeons and dragons draft, I mean fantasy football draft so he had to head back up to Austin after our workout.

We’ve started running little impromptu Pro/Ams on Saturday nights.  It’s just a get in the gate and rock it.  We’ve been running 3 qualifiers and a main, with no one being out of the main.  It’s been good to get a few laps in for the Pros and HoJo. 

Saturday we added a 5th lap after the mains.  A pump lap were we only pedaled to the first jump.  It was pretty fast and jumps that most are hauling the mail to jump were cleared with no pedaling.  It was good to get an extra full lap in.

 Another fun night at LoneStar BMX!


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The day has finally come (it was over the weekend) when Lee McCormack’s PRO BMX SKILLS is ready for the public.  Lee runs and has a few other books out. 

His MASTERING MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS (now onto it’s 2nd edition), I bought years ago and is full of great knowledge.  He colaborates with the sports best riders/racers to provide insite into how to ride and race better.

Lee also has an ebook Welcome to Pump Track Nation that has inspired many to build pump tracks in their backyards and a few cities to build them in their parks.

I jumped at the chance to purchess PRO BMX SKILLS when I first read about it on Lee’s webpage.  A few life changing events occurd and the book was delayed.  Lee never left those that bought the book out of the loop and as the book got nearer to completion a pre-release of a few chapters were sent out.  Over the weekend an email was sent out explaining that the book was waiting at the publishers and that an ebook version could be purchessed.  So I have the book on order and the ebook on the PC. 

Looking though the ebook and just cracking it open, I am excited.  If you’re looking for some information on BMX racing this might be the information that you’re looking for.  Check it out.

Crazy Kid

Posted: August 13, 2010 in BMX Family, BMX racing, LoneStar BMX

Last night Zoie was practicing her jumping after the races.  She was tearing it up jumping the tabletop, even over clearing it a few times.  She has really stepped it up and was looking impressive.

Then she got the idea that she’d jump the double.  It’s the last jump on the last straight and it’s the jump that all the younger kids hit to show they’ve learned to jump.  The first time Zoie went for it she came up a little short but had the front end over the landing and rode off.  Her 2nd attempt didn’t go as well.  She nosed in and over the bars she went.

I don’t think she’s crashed like that ever.  She’s a little bruised and sore, but she’s fine other wise.  Just scared everyone and herself.  I am sure in no time she’ll be back jumping it and clearing it with no problem.

Brody’s first lap

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Out of the car and onto the track cold, Brody took 3rd.

This past weekend Tim Kneip ran Camp Dynamite, AKA Camp TNT.  It was a great time, with off the bike training, on the bike skills, a pizza lunch and a pool party.  Those signed up got to race that evening for free at CapCityBMX. (more…)