Camp Dynamite

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Bikes, BMX Pros, BMX racing, Workout
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This past weekend Tim Kneip ran Camp Dynamite, AKA Camp TNT.  It was a great time, with off the bike training, on the bike skills, a pizza lunch and a pool party.  Those signed up got to race that evening for free at CapCityBMX.

For me things started at 6:30am picking Nate up at HEB and heading to Austin.  We got there early as I as helping with the camp.  EZ-ups were set up, coolers of VitaminWater were iced and AMP Juice was chilled.  Then we got the off the bike areas set up.

My area would be the Tire Flipping station.  Sounds easy enough.  The big tires weighed somewhere around 300lbs the medium tires 150 or more and then some truck tires for the little ones.  I marked out a 20 yard area for the kids to flip the tires too and got the tires lined up and ready for action.

The medium tires were great for most of the kids.  They weren’t too big or too small and going 20 yards was a challenge for everyone.  The older Teens and adults flipped the biggest tires.  A few of the teens thought they’d be too hard so I got Shelly Bryson to flip over the big ONE, that got the 17 year olds to show they could do it too. 

Working this station I got a workout.  I flipped a few tires and helped the little ones flip their tires.  I think just keeping the tires lined up would have been enough, but no I had to show everyone how to flip the tires and dumb me used the big one everytime.

Next came the bike skills.  This part was normal clinic stuff.  It was hot at this point and lots of breaks were taken to rehydrate the kiddies.

Then the Pizza came in from Romes Pizza just up the street from the track.  They’ve been a meeting place for track meetings and have sponsored CapCityBMX.  It was Hot outside by this point and the pizza was hotter.  Two pieces were all I could eat before feeling full.

Then it was off to the pool.  This couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was around 100 degrees at this point with clear skies.  Too much fun was had by all.  The pool had a water slide, a floating alligator thingy, a walk-on floaty things challenge and a kiddies section.  Two hours at the pool, I could write about it, but there is too much to say.

The day at the track ended with racing, Nate Singing upsetting Billy Bryson in the old guys Expert class.  They were in moto 26 out of 26 motos on a day when CapCity had 100+ riders.


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