Crazy Kid

Posted: August 13, 2010 in BMX Family, BMX racing, LoneStar BMX

Last night Zoie was practicing her jumping after the races.  She was tearing it up jumping the tabletop, even over clearing it a few times.  She has really stepped it up and was looking impressive.

Then she got the idea that she’d jump the double.  It’s the last jump on the last straight and it’s the jump that all the younger kids hit to show they’ve learned to jump.  The first time Zoie went for it she came up a little short but had the front end over the landing and rode off.  Her 2nd attempt didn’t go as well.  She nosed in and over the bars she went.

I don’t think she’s crashed like that ever.  She’s a little bruised and sore, but she’s fine other wise.  Just scared everyone and herself.  I am sure in no time she’ll be back jumping it and clearing it with no problem.


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