Clinic and Another Pro/Am

Posted: August 23, 2010 in BMX Pros, BMX racing, Workout

Saturday the kids and I had Tim “TNT” Kneip come down and do his Dynamite clinic.  Tim has really put in some thought into this.  He started the kids off with a warm-up jog, some stretching and off the bike work.  He worked with the kids on the gate and around the track.  For anyone looking for something extra to get faster than the comp, give Tim a shout,  Tim had a dungeons and dragons draft, I mean fantasy football draft so he had to head back up to Austin after our workout.

We’ve started running little impromptu Pro/Ams on Saturday nights.  It’s just a get in the gate and rock it.  We’ve been running 3 qualifiers and a main, with no one being out of the main.  It’s been good to get a few laps in for the Pros and HoJo. 

Saturday we added a 5th lap after the mains.  A pump lap were we only pedaled to the first jump.  It was pretty fast and jumps that most are hauling the mail to jump were cleared with no pedaling.  It was good to get an extra full lap in.

 Another fun night at LoneStar BMX!


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