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BMX Racing on MTV

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BMX Racing on MTV’s MADE.  A chick wants to race and gets to work with Tyler Brown.  Check it out


The Latest at Track

Posted: October 14, 2010 in BMX racing, LoneStar BMX

Things have been going great at the track.

1.New starting lights were installed last weekend and completed last night.  This is seems simple, but I had to get some parts, have a wire go under the 2nd straight and solder the cable to the connections.  Thanks to David (Hitman’s Dad) for getting the electrical going.

2.The road going to the track is almost completed, last night only took 2 minutes to drive from the highway to the track.  Only problem is you have to drive past the track and make a U-turn to get to the track.  I guess the construction people didn’t think we needed a turn lane to get in.  Time will tell.

3.They paved the driveway.  Well most of the way down it.  Again the construction crew.  I guess their contract with the city/state told them how far to go, but really?  another 5 feet and they’d have gone all the way to the end of the hill.

4.We’ve been working on adding lips to the jumps.  First it was the last straight.  Then the table in the 2nd.  And last night we worked on the first jump.  Josh came out and worked for a few hours to get it done, thanks for the work.  So far they’ve been welcomed, but we’ll see how the first jump fairs.  It’s pretty mellow, but I am sure I’ll hear about it.

Encase you don’t check out the homepage at, we’re having our Annual Halloween fest, Double pointer and camp out.  Go check out the website for more info.

He should have made a joke about Union Labor or over hearing someone say, “it’s good enough for government work” as he was preparing to walk on stage.

Yet another Friday

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Free horses and Eric.