Lots Going on

Posted: November 18, 2010 in BMX Family, BMX racing, Local heros, LoneStar BMX

My world of BMX has been busy this past few weeks. 

With Blanco Road opening up traffic is easing and the once 45 minute drive from the highway to the track is now 10 minutes if you get stuck at both lights.  Only issue is that Capital Construction didn’t make a turn lane for the track entrance.  They were nice enough to build a turn around about a mile past the track, but you have to drive past the track.

There were a few injuries, one on a track and one-off.  Amber Bryson took a header up at CapCityBMX and got a concussion.  Chris Williams, on his way to the track, was in a car accident and broke his collar-bone.  Both look to be out for the Grands.  I hope they heal up.  Ashley, Amber’s sister, had her baby.  Congratulations Ashley.

We’ve had a steady stream of new riders and return riders out at the track lately.  Which is great!  Last Saturday we had almost 70 riders I think.  It was awesome to have some big motos and classes that haven’t made on their own in a while.

Gate practice has been getting bigger as the ABA Grands draws near.  This past Tuesday we had 10 fast guys all powering down the track together.  This is really helping my gates and thanks to Don helping me get more time on my bike on the track.  Some of the racers that came out are Tanner Sebesta(Morphine Industries), Jason Carnes(Redline Bikes), Kenny Holston(Air Force), Jamarcus White, Fernie Jacuez(ORP) and his brother Fernie, Josh White(Action Bikes/Lonestar BMX), HoJo(505 Racing) and Myself(MJT Designs).


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