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Electric is Back

Posted: March 30, 2011 in LoneStar BMX

Lone Star is back to being on the grid.  Thanks to a few dads hard work and lots of donations from the Lone Star family, the track has been brought back to just about where it was before the wires were stolen.

The starting gate and tower were the first to be repaired.  The lights were back up the following day.  This past Sunday the well was back.



The 900 Turns 22

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Bikes, Other Cycling Racing

I remember watching Matt Hoffman back before he left Haro, he came to Las Vegas riding with the Swatch Impact Tour.  Doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but watching this video does make it seem longer than 22 years ago.

Damn Thieves

Posted: March 24, 2011 in BMX Family, LoneStar BMX

Tuesday when I got to the track to open for practice I found the place had been vandalized.   Someone between 9:30pm Monday and 5pm Tuesday had jumped the fence and cut the power lines.  To see power lines draping down across the track and pulled out of the walls was bad.

They were stealing the copper lines.  But to get to them they had to cut the main power line from the street.  They then broke and opened the conduit in search of copper.  And just to be sure they were only getting copper, they cut all the lines.  They stole the line that went to the water pump at the well and anything else they thought would be copper.

We were still able to let the kids ride the track till dark and with the help of Steve, were able to run gates till the sun set.

Last night Louis, Don, HoJo and his dad Howard were at the track restoring power to the lights.  Thanks to them we’ll be able to be open for racing tonight.

Lots of people have stepped in to help and made donations to the track to get things going again.  Without everyone’s help we would not be ready to open for some time, Thank you!

Tanner pulled a 2nd in Jr Men.  Fernie had a little trouble making the mains.  Wish I’d have made the trip.  I wouldn’t have hit the big side of the track, but it sounded like a good time.

There’s been lots going on at LoneStar BMX.  This week we have a Film Major from UTAustin filming a short film for a school project.  She’ll be doing this Friday and Saturday.  Saturday we should have some Great St.Patrick’s day plaques, thanks to MJT Designs.

The Track had some Awesome finishes at the Desoto, TX Super National.  There were tons of LoneStar Racers doing good in motos, Semis and Mains.  If there was a kid in the class, there was a good chance that it had a LoneStar Racer in the Main.  Congratulations Fernie J. on your first A Pro win.

3D at LoneStar BMX

Posted: March 3, 2011 in BMX Pros, LoneStar BMX

Last night LoneStar BMX had a special guest; the ABA National Number One PRO Woman, Dominique Daniels.  Dominique was out for a 3 hour clinic to help the local racers get better.  It was a great 3 hours with her and her dad going over some drills that could help any racer get faster.  They started off with a how-to of a few different workouts that can be done at home.  Moved on to some gates, some turns, jumping and pumping.  Of course with 30+ kids things get a little unruly at times, but Dom and her dad kept things going and on track.

Dominique Daniels