Damn Thieves

Posted: March 24, 2011 in BMX Family, LoneStar BMX

Tuesday when I got to the track to open for practice I found the place had been vandalized.   Someone between 9:30pm Monday and 5pm Tuesday had jumped the fence and cut the power lines.  To see power lines draping down across the track and pulled out of the walls was bad.

They were stealing the copper lines.  But to get to them they had to cut the main power line from the street.  They then broke and opened the conduit in search of copper.  And just to be sure they were only getting copper, they cut all the lines.  They stole the line that went to the water pump at the well and anything else they thought would be copper.

We were still able to let the kids ride the track till dark and with the help of Steve, were able to run gates till the sun set.

Last night Louis, Don, HoJo and his dad Howard were at the track restoring power to the lights.  Thanks to them we’ll be able to be open for racing tonight.

Lots of people have stepped in to help and made donations to the track to get things going again.  Without everyone’s help we would not be ready to open for some time, Thank you!


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