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Last week 19-27 Expert S Squared rider HoJo was racing in Chula Vista, CA.  He was out there for the ABA and USAC races.

Looks like ABA BMX TV took some time and interviewed our local fast guy and Wednesday night trainer.


Factory Speed rider and Lone Star BMX local Fernie J. made the trip out to Chula Vista, CA this past weekend and took home his 2nd A Pro win of the year.

Supercross Racer Head

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Bikes, Gear, Product review

I wrote about the Supercross Racer Head 2 in the past.  But this year while building up my current Supercross Envy the stem I had, was too long.  In a hurry I looked around and found a SX Racer Head in red, which matches the rest of the bike.

The Racer Head is a nicely machined stem, with a nice finish.   The length worked out perfect for me and after placing it on my bike and figuring out how I wanted the bars positioned, has been a set it and forget it item.

Only thing I don’t/didn’t like was that it’s a front load stem.  Nothing too bad there, just a preference.  I don’t hold that against it.

Would I buy another one?  Sure, but I don’t think this one is going anywhere anytime soon.

Supercross Racer Head 2 stems

Racer Head 2

Supercross SLT Forks

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Bikes, Gear, Product review

Earlier this year I got a pair of Supercross SLT Forks.  I got a set in Flat Black.  The forks are light and have a cool top cap that screws into the fork.  This comes in handy and gets rid of the need for a stem-lock or a star nut.  The top cap even has a built-in recess so that you do not need to run spacers on the top of your stem if the fork sticks about it.

Looking down the steer tube you can see that they are fluted and tapered inside.  Trick!

The SLT do not have a weight limit, which is good since I am sitting around 225lbs.  They have held up great so far with no noticeable flex when in the gate or on the track.  I’ve been working on jumping this year and nothing about these forks worries.

These are a great value and with a MSRP of $129 way cheaper than a carbon-fiber fork and might be lighter also.

White Supercross SLT fork

SLT Fork

Last night at LoneStar BMX Brody got a little help from the Fernies and HoJo, they were helping him jump the step-up into the 2nd turn.  It was really cool to see him do it and do it cleanly after only a few tries.  This is the 2nd time clearing it.

Looks like Josh’s trail jam at his Graveyard Trails was a big hit.  Lots of Videos are out there from that day.  Check out this one from Props


Brody riding for MJT Designs, jumps the 2nd straight at LoneStar BMX.

By the time I took this video Brody had been jumping these all night.  It was so cool to watch him jump these that I just didn’t think about being able to use the phone to video it.