Supercross SLT Forks

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Bikes, Gear, Product review

Earlier this year I got a pair of Supercross SLT Forks.  I got a set in Flat Black.  The forks are light and have a cool top cap that screws into the fork.  This comes in handy and gets rid of the need for a stem-lock or a star nut.  The top cap even has a built-in recess so that you do not need to run spacers on the top of your stem if the fork sticks about it.

Looking down the steer tube you can see that they are fluted and tapered inside.  Trick!

The SLT do not have a weight limit, which is good since I am sitting around 225lbs.  They have held up great so far with no noticeable flex when in the gate or on the track.  I’ve been working on jumping this year and nothing about these forks worries.

These are a great value and with a MSRP of $129 way cheaper than a carbon-fiber fork and might be lighter also.

White Supercross SLT fork

SLT Fork


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