Supercross Racer Head

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Bikes, Gear, Product review

I wrote about the Supercross Racer Head 2 in the past.  But this year while building up my current Supercross Envy the stem I had, was too long.  In a hurry I looked around and found a SX Racer Head in red, which matches the rest of the bike.

The Racer Head is a nicely machined stem, with a nice finish.   The length worked out perfect for me and after placing it on my bike and figuring out how I wanted the bars positioned, has been a set it and forget it item.

Only thing I don’t/didn’t like was that it’s a front load stem.  Nothing too bad there, just a preference.  I don’t hold that against it.

Would I buy another one?  Sure, but I don’t think this one is going anywhere anytime soon.

Supercross Racer Head 2 stems

Racer Head 2


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