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Diabetes and BMX

Posted: August 25, 2011 in BMX racing

I got a link to a cool story on another blog that needs to be shared;


This past weekend we had an inaugural running of the Local Team Competition at LoneStar BMX.  Seemed to go very well with 5 Teams signing up for the winner takes all event. Every time put in a great showing, with Bike World taking the top honors.  Cory and I have been batting around how we’ll do this in the future.  We’re thinking this should be a once a month type thing to keep it special.

It was a big night for how hot it was with 80+ racers.

It was also Brody’s 9th Birthday held at a BMX track, marking his 11th Birthday.

Getting Back to it

Posted: August 4, 2011 in BMX Pros, Local heros

I haven’t had much time to workout or race.  Moved, had a state qualifier, went to Las Vegas, broke a rib or two and keeping the track running.  I thought heading to Vegas I’d be getting back and doing something to get faster.  But the broken ribs at Vegas ended that.

Brody broke his thumb last week and will be out for 6 weeks.  Yep he’ll miss the state finals and anything else in that 6 week time.

My ribs are starting to feel better and I am hoping that this weekend I’ll be able to start riding and next week working out.

Talked to my friend Tim Kniep and it looks like he is about to make his return to the track soon.  We’re talking about fly’n out to a national.  Tim’s got some cool things going on and with some new support he should be back at the front of the A Pro main soon.