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This weekend’s scheduled Halloween Earned Double Points Race and Warniki Scholarship Double Points Race has been canceled due to the rain and weather. Lots of flooding in San Antonio around the track and tornadoes touching down in a couple of small towns around the area. Flood warnings and watches throughout today and more rain foretasted through late tomorrow.


Cool Youtube Video

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A cool little video of some great riding with a cool Fort Minor song.

With the rain from this past weekend the track took a slight beating. Not too bad, Danny, Shannon and I got it dragged and ready to ride last night. Tyler of Grave Yard Trails fame came out and worked on the rhythm section today. Things were a little soft, but smooth and rideable.


It will dry  out over the next few days and with the clinic and Thursday practice, should be great for this weekend’s races.

Rain Over SA

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This past weekend San Antonio and all of Texas got a ton of rain. This morning on my way to work I stopped by the track to check it out. As I pulled up to the gate I was greeted by this;

I was a little worried that I was going to see a car wreck of a track. But was greatly surprised when I walked up to the track and found it in pretty good shape. It was soft and wet, but the track looked good. I started walking around it and only the bottom of the turns were really rutted. I was looking around with only the light from my phone, but I think a quick drag and some watering where it’s dry and it’ll be ready for this week’s events.

Practice Tuesday 6-8:30

Tanner Sebesta Clinic Wednesday.

Practice Thursday 6-8:30

Halloween Earned Double Race Friday

Warniki Scholarship race Saturday

Naked Old Guys

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Why is it Naked Old Guys like to hang out in the gym locker room? And they seem to multiply some days.

Seems like there is always a naked old guy walking around, hanging out, watching TV or just taking their time changing. The getting changed part I get, it can take me a little longer if I’m sore or my back is hurt. But the others! Just get dressed and move on.

It’s not like there is a ton of room in the locker room. It’s not the place to stand and chew the cud. Some of us would like to get in and out. We got other things going on. We’re not just going home at 5 to go to bed so we can be at McDonald’s at 6am.

Darn Horse Thieves

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Looks like Bike Thieves are using tech apps to find bikes to steal. Checkout this article from Stickybottle;

Sure the article isn’t from inside the USA, but if it’s happening there, it probably is here too.


Throwback Thursday.

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This was last year’s SSquared CEO that I raced.

And just for contrast, here’s the new SSquared CEO.